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Throughout my career, I have written and edited content for many different audiences. Most of my professional experience is in educational publishing for Grades K-12, and I have worked on both student and teacher versions of assessment, reading, science, social studies, and literature projects. In addition, I have also written and edited marketing and informational content for adult audiences. Below are some examples of my work.

Grade 4 Fiction

Realistic Fiction Read Aloud

I wrote this Grade 4 content for the Teacher's Edition to help teachers introduce their students to the genre of realistic fiction. This read aloud tells the story of a young boy who worries about what lunch will be like on his first day at a new school.

Lunch Break
Flute Lesson

Grade 8 Nonfiction

Pro/Con Articles on Formal Music Education

This sample is from an assessment project I worked on where I wrote the selections that students would read, analyze, and then answer multiple choice and essay questions. This pair of Grade 8-level articles are pro and con argument on the topic of formal music education.

Author Newsletter

Email Newsletter

I write quarterly emails to my subscribers to tell them about my writing life. This example shows how I connect what I'm reading to what I'm thinking about writing and life.

Cover Arimah.JPG

Iris and the Argument for Ageless Creativity

Blog Post

This blog post combines a movie review of the documentary Iris (2014) with an informal meditation on what it means to live a creative life.

SEO Keyword Article

Marketing Copy

This sample shows marketing copy I wrote for a packaging company in 2018. I used SEO keywords provided by the client to create B2B content for their website.

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