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My Writing

I write novels, short stories, flash fiction, and occasionally blog posts. Most of my published writing appears on Our Writing Life, a blog that I share with my friend, Aruna. Read more about my published work below.


When It Rains

Lynnie and Miles move into their first house on a rainy day. As they unpack and rain breaks through the roof, the narration hints at what their future will be like in this fixer-upper.

Last Pictures to Delete

In this melancholy flash fiction story, Sydney tries to decide whether or not to delete the last pictures of her ex-boyfriend from her phone.

A Midwest Love Story

"A Midwest Love Story" is a flash fiction story about a woman who is trying to use romantic movie conventions to help her remember the exact moment when she fell in love.

A Collection of Letters

"A Collection of Letters" is a flash fiction story that describes a relationship between a narrator and her grandmother through the lens of letters.

Like Lightning

"Like Lightning" is a flash fiction story about a songwriter who is trying to explain the magic that led her to write her only hit song.

Iris and the Argument for Ageless Creativity

This blog post combines a review of the documentary Iris (2014) with a meditation on what it means to live a creative life.

A Music Fan Identity Crisis

In this blog post, I talk about my relationship with music and what it is like to be a punk and metal fan when you don't look like one.

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